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Are you worried about expatriate taxes? Most countries have provisions for their expatriate citizens when it comes to income taxes and the payment thereof. In some areas, laws can be somewhat confusing and unclear, while others are pretty cut and dry. For those expatriates living the United Arab Emirates, professional tax help is readily available to you.

With over 7 million expatriates and counting, UAE has many tax offices that are geared specifically to helping expats file taxes and making sure that the appropriate tax breaks are applied.

A brief overview of expat taxes for citizens of different countries living in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE, namely from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, will be summarized here.

Australian Expats in the UAE

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For citizens of Australia who have relocated overseas, are claimed as non-residents and inform the ATO, they will not be taxed.

However, be sure to contact the financial institutions where you have accounts in Australia, as to the relocation. Doing so ensures that your earned interest is taxed 10%.

This then frees you from having to file income tax every year. It should be noted, that if you own property and lease it out, you must file a return, but the tax incurred will be minimal.

Canadian Expatriate Tax Info

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Canadian laws surrounding expatriate taxes can be overwhelming.

The best thing to do is get professional help when it comes to filing your tax returns. However, here is some information you may need to know.

You may not have to pay income tax if you are a non-resident or already pay taxes in the jurisdiction you are working in and they have a tax treaty with Canada.

That being said, any assets you have in your name or your spouses name in Canada (including but not limited to cars, properties, etc.), means you will need to file income taxes yearly.

Due to the restrictions and guidelines of what constitutes a non-resident, many find it best to seek the advice of a professional.

New Zealand Expats

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For expats from New Zealand, tax laws are pretty cut and dry. Be sure to verify your tax situation with a professional who understands thoroughly the expat laws here.

However, if you are no longer a New Zealand tax resident under domestic law or through application of the double tax treaty, generally you will only be taxed on income that is sourced in New Zealand.

UK Expats in Abu Dhabi and Beyond

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For a while now, the expat tax laws in the UK have been unclear and subjective at best. However, there have been some new developments in this area. Set to begin April 6, 2012, new expatriate tax laws will go into effect. Essentially, the number of days you work per tax year in the UK and the number of days you are physically in the UK will determine whether you have to file income tax.

The break down is as follows: if you work full time abroad and work no more than 20 days within the UK, you will receive tax breaks.

To take advantage of these though, you cannot be in the UK for more than 90 days during the tax year.

For you expats who regularly return for holidays or just a visit with the family, you may need to adjust your travel schedule to receive full benefits from the new tax laws.

American Expats in the UAE

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US citizens living abroad are required to file yearly income taxes. Along with that, you may also need to file an information return regarding assets in foreign accounts.

While the US does require tax on international income, special provision protects from double taxation. These include a foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credit and foreign housing exclusion.

Living Abroad in the United Arab Emirates

Living abroad can be a thrilling experience. At times, there are challenges and when it comes to tax laws it is not always easy. Many expatriates living in Abu Dhabi or other areas in UAE have found contacts and resources that are informative and helpful in regards to these matters.

Some offices such as Expat US Tax Services are specially geared toward helping US expatriates with their income taxes.

For those expats from areas of the world, similar help is available.

If you are having difficulty locating an office near you, there are many online tax services aimed to helping citizens with their expat income tax.

Some tax professionals who reside in the country of origin offer Skype and other internet video services to help expatriates where ever they are, file taxes. With all that is available to you, filing income taxes can be one less thing to stress over.

Enjoy taking in the new culture around you, and look forward the adventures and experiences that lie ahead!

This is for information only and you should always consultant an accountant for the latest and most up to date information on the confusing area of expatriate taxes.

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